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Forest Animal Finger Puppets – Set of 8

Forest Animal Finger Puppets – Set of 8

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Forest Animal Finger Puppets: Dive into the World of Imagination! 

Discover our wide range of felt finger puppets perfect for storytelling. Our handcrafted Forest Animal Finger Puppets – a delightful ensemble of woodland creatures, designed to ignite the spark of creativity in every child.

🦊 8 Felt Finger Puppets:

Each set of our handcrafted felt finger puppets includes 8 distinct forest animal characters, designed to inspire creativity and imaginative play in children.

  • Racoon
  • Rabbit
  • Bear
  • Deer
  • Squirrel
  • Fox
  • Owl
  • Hedgehog

🎨 Spark Imagination & Creativity: By engaging with these educational finger puppets, children enhance their motor skills, learn about the wonders of nature, and most importantly, harness the power of their imagination.

🎓 Educational Fun: A perfect blend of learning and play, making every moment count. Beyond fun, they're instrumental in enhancing cognitive and motor skills.

🎒  Light & Soft: Made with premium felt, they're perfect for those tender little fingers. Also our felt finger puppets are very light for children to play and carry comfortably.

🎁 Perfect Gifts For Kids: Each of our crafted felt toys is unique, making them perfect gifts for kids. These storytelling puppets, which can be played comfortably by all children from the age of 3, are a great gift option for both girls and boys.

📏 ⚖️ Dimensions & Weight:

Easy to carry around and great for long journeys.

  • Puppets: ~8x4 cm
  • Pouch: 10x15 cm
  • Weight: 5 gr. (each puppet)

🧵 Material: Crafted entirely by hand and adorned with machine embroidery, these felt finger puppets are made from two layers of premium, soft polyester felt.

🧼 Care Instructions: Wash by hand in lukewarm water using a mild, natural soap or shampoo, and keep separate from other items.

⚠️ ATTENTION: Not suitable for children under 36 months without direct adult supervision. Danger of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed.


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