About Us

Hello, we are a Berlin-based design studio with a collaborative, fair, and sustainable approach. We started jewelry design and production under the brand BOGA in 2018.

During the pandemic, like everyone else, we were confined to our home. We began to create handmade felt toys for our 2-year-old daughter. This simple beginning turned into an idea to bring this joy not only to our family but also to other families. Thus, Little Boga was born!

For us, handmade products are a reflection of our desire to add more value to society. Each toy is delicately handcrafted in our studio by talented female artisans. This creates the opportunity to employ more people and means that behind each product is the labor of a real human being.

By joining the world of Little Boga, you become a part of a story, a smile, and a community. We look forward to meeting you!